as on 31 December 2017

Market value added statement reflects the company's performance evaluated by the market through the share price. This amount is derived from the difference between the total market value and total book value of shares of a company. A high market value added indicates that the company has created substantail wealth for the equityholders.

The equity market value of the company stood at taka 5344.11 million where the book value of the equity stood at taka 747.42 million, resulting in market value added of taka 4596.69 million as on 31 December 2017 against taka 3593.88 million 2016.

Particulars 2016 2017
Face value per share (BDT) 10.00 10.00
Market value per share (BDT) 67.70 71.50
Number of shares outstanding 622,85,626 747,42,751
Total market capitalization (BDT in million) 4216.74 5344.11
Book value of paid up capital (BDT in million) 622.86 747.42
Market value added (BDT in million) 3593.88 4596.69